1. O

    Show me your kit!

    With courses expected in the new few months! Looking for what you guys take on match days so I can annoy the Mrs even more and buy stuff! I am aware won't need as much as you potentially when I start but show me the KIT!!! Also... best place to buy everything!
  2. alexv

    2018 Nike kit...

    I know people are gonna say that it doesn’t matter, but if which are the correct 2018 socks to match the 2018 kit? I know it doesn’t matter, but I just want the right ones anyway
  3. alexv

    Suffolk FA Kits

    Hoping for a pretty urgent response:) I've just received my first appointment of the season and was hoping for some information regarding the alternative colour(s) for Suffolk for this season (this is my first game under Suffolk FA and not Norfolk). I know that last year was just the berry kit...
  4. alexv

    Premier League kits on eBay

    I was just browsing referee equipment on ebay as boredom took over and saw numerous EFL and Premier League kits with the EFL/PL badge with the EA Sports arm badges. Not that I was going to buy them, but surely there must be some kind of rule against using these outside of the pro leagues? Below...
  5. alexv

    Kit clash

    If a team was playing in a dark colour and I had to use another kit (the new yellow/green nike one), but that clashes with a keeper, what would be the best thing to do?
  6. alexv

    FA Badges

    Where can I buy an FA badge to iron on or stitch onto the pocket of a kit?
  7. alexv

    New kit

    I was thinking about buying one of the new Nike referee kits in the red colour way (I didn't want to buy the black, as I still like the previous black kit and will still wear that). Is there anywhere I can buy the red shirt (with FA badge) with the rest of the kit as a bundle, rather than buy...
  8. H

    Where can I buy a kit to use tomorrow ?

    Hi, I’ve been asked to ref my first match tomorrow evening and I haven’t got round to ordering kit yet! Any one know where I can buy one tomorrow, Hertfordshire area (st albans, watford?) Thanks
  9. Galluzzo96

    Reasonably Priced Equipment

    Hi All, Was just wondering where everyone gets their equipment and kit for, looking for some decent Nike kits at the moment but don't want to break the bank! Anyone know where referees canget some decent discounts as well maybe through the CFAs
  10. Adam Dyer

    Coloured Kit

    What is everyone's opinion on us using a brighter or different coloured kit if we may clash with teams? Just thinking for youth football?
  11. Bethany Archer

    Womens referee kit

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a women's Adidas or Nike referee kit but I can't seem to find any? The mens' kit (even the small size) is way too baggy on me and the shorts do not fit my body shape. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks all, B
  12. Kael Baker

    Football League Kit

  13. Will Triffitt

    Junior/Youth Glasses

    In youth games that I commonly referee, it isn't uncommon to be asked before a game, 'Can I wear my glasses because I need to be able to see what I am doing'. How would you guys manage this? Wearing glasses in football is definitely not ideal because if broken they can cause serious injury to...