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Bethany Archer

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy a women's Adidas or Nike referee kit but I can't seem to find any?
The mens' kit (even the small size) is way too baggy on me and the shorts do not fit my body shape.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks all,

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-*i get the humour, but not appropriate* - SM

Seriously though....I can't ever recall seeing a specific female kit being sold? Maybe give A & H a ring....or The RA.....
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I know of a couple of female officials who wear the Nike kit and get it tailored to fit them. Might be an idea to try with the Adidas kit?


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Take a Nike kit to a tailor (a good dry cleaners should be able to help / have contact details) so you can measure up at home as to what to take in where and make it seem like a good fitted kit.

Or drop Lucy Oliver (et al) a message on linked in or similar.


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It's pretty poor the kit makers don't at least have an option of a women's kit.

Women are a completely different size and shape to men, seems odd to expect them to just make do with a shirt that may well be huge regardless.
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