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I freaked my next door neighbour out yesterday by opening the door to her naked.

I couldn't tell which freaked her out the most - the fact that I was naked or that I was in her house ....



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:poop::poop::poop: if you don't like jokes in poor taste stop reading now :poop::poop::poop: 😄 😜

A guy throws a party. The invitation says you can only get in if you come as an emotion.

Some guys goes all dressed in a suit with smilies all over. "Who are you?" "I'm happy". And he gets in. Anotheruy goes all dressed in red. "I'm angry". And he gets in.

Two naked guys turn up, one with his penis in a bowl of pudding, the other in a hollowed pear. "Who are you?" The first guy says "I'm f&$#ing dis-custard." And the other "and I'm deep in dis-pear."

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Just found out the missus has been playing away by interrogating her phone bill
The little flouzy called the Chimney Sweep three times in one week. When i confronted her, she brazenly exclaimed, 'what's wrong with that?' To which I reminded her that we only have central heating 😮

On another note, popped into the newsagent today. Sign said, 'no reading the magazines'. I picked up twenty or so random publications and asked at the counter, 'which one is The Radio Times'? 🤔
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