Card Protocol


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I take numbers and get the names off the team sheet. I check the names at the end of the match. I realise this is not the recommended procedure.

I used to take names and the reason I stopped is because in north London getting the correct spelling of a name can far too long. Sometimes whole teams are non-English speaking. The player whose name you're taking is too angry with the decision to be motivated to spell his name at a speed I can comprehend. Sometimes they refuse to give a name, or give an obviously false name.


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I write number, name, and reason (I use shortenings, actually).

Unfortunately, there are no cards given to us with the emblem on them - I use Refsworld’s with card skins. However, some retailers sell their own version. Let me know if you want me to facilitate you a link.
thanks for your help but for some reason the site you sent me wont accept my card deatails, ask me to enter a valid card number, eh i am
I rarely take names, and depending on the tempo of the game I use both versions of the caution procedure.

In many cases it's isolate or get towards offender and show the card, and then note number, time and offence on the card. In a more heated game or there is a real need to speak with the player, it would be isolate offender, note details on the card and then show.

I only go for names if there is a real need to slow the game down and these extra seconds will help. At the levels I referee at the teams must supply team lines with correctly numbered players, if they put the wrong number down that is their problem.

Of all the cards this season (29 games) so far 61 yellows, the vast majority will be card first then note the details, and all 7 reds have been card first note later.