1. W

    Promotion News

    Has anyone heard anything about 7-6 and 6-5 promotions? The FA and county FAs seem to be radio silent. Games restart in two weeks, we need to know what is going on!
  2. Big Cat

    Competencies for Level 7 Referee Promotions 2019-09-20

    2019 - 2020 Herfordshire CFA
  3. alexv

    Promotion to Level 6

    I’ve just completed my 5 games and have been promoted to L7. I really want to get promoted to L6 as soon as I can, but feel like I need a few more games before I referee adult football (mainly down to nerves). I feel like a whole year is too long to wait, but I’m really unsure whether to apply...
  4. alexv

    Getting promoted

    Hi, I’m one game away from completing my 5 ‘assessed’ games before I get promoted to Level 7. I’m about to turn 18 and was wondering if there are any tips to help me get promoted through the ranks quickest. I see CORE is good for this, but I’m unsure on the ways referees get chosen for this...
  5. jordan clarkson

    Fitness test preparation.

    Evening all, I've applied to go from 5-4 this coming season, but unfortunately I recently failed the L4 fitness test on Wednesday. I was 300m short and I feel it was more physiological then it was physically. I feel I prepared poorly for this in terms of food I had, just general preparation...
  6. Kentish Ref

    Kent Youth League Season 2016-17

    Hi all, Just letting everyone know about the Kent Youth League panel for next season, the league is expanding to over 190 teams and as such requires the officials to maintain our excellent cover rate of over 98%. The application form can be found on the website...