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All previous versions of the LOTG since
Step 3 to 6 Observers form
UEFA Refereeing Assistance Program (RAP) Videos Ref X
UEFA-released videos organized and categorized for referee study
Attached is a chart of the referee levels in a pyramid style, with some descriptions
FA Template for 5-4 observation report
FA Template for 4W-3W observation report
FA Template for 6-5 Match Day Coaching report
FA Match Day Coaching Report
The Perfect Fourth Official RyantheRef
How to be the perfect Fourth Official
Use to keep record in the game
Updated manual for new process
Laws of the game 20/21 Ross
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Latest edition of the magic book
Bobby Madley runs through his pre match instructions
Observation Guides 2020-01-13
7 to 6 and 6 to 5 observation guides
PGMOL/EPL/EFL/FA advice on signalling an offside offence in the player's own half
IFAB-issued Laws changes for 2019-20