new referee

  1. D

    Football Boots and Socks Ideas, Whistle Suggestions too!! :) :)

    I am fairly new to refereeing but would consider myself to have a decent enough kit and experience . The only thing I want though is suggestions on all black kit for the 2018/19 season. I didn't have to wear all black this season luckily (2017/18) but will assume over the net season with being...
  2. alexv

    Getting promoted

    Hi, I’m one game away from completing my 5 ‘assessed’ games before I get promoted to Level 7. I’m about to turn 18 and was wondering if there are any tips to help me get promoted through the ranks quickest. I see CORE is good for this, but I’m unsure on the ways referees get chosen for this...
  3. J

    New to REFCHAT: Level 8 Referee

    Hi all, I am Jacob, a youth referee operating under Sussex County FA. I started refereeing in January. My course began 3 days ensuing my birthday, which was lucky. I have a lot of experience in the Arun & Chichester Youth Football League but have also worked in the Sussex Sunday Youth League...
  4. P

    First Game tomorrow Very nervous

    I have my first game tomorrow I am reffing an Under 12s game so hopefully that will be good to ease myself into it but I'm nervous I will make a wrong decision as I've seen lots of people saying that their first games have gone really badly. Also something I'm unsure about is how you manage...
  5. R

    First game on Saturday

    Hi, I am 14 and have recently completed the first part of my course (I now have to referee five games and take the test). On Saturday, I have my first game. It is an U11 match, first game of the season. I am reasonably confident about the game itself but not very sure about what to do prematch...
  6. E

    Really New

    Hello, my name is Emma and I am 15 years old.Football has been my passion for a very long time. I have never played the game for a club but am constantly in the garden playing, unfortunately I can't play for a team as I spend my time doing other commitments. I am also a season ticket holder for...
  7. M

    Moving from youth to adult football

    Not exactly a new ref - been reffing youth leagues for just over 2 years but want to make the transition over to open age football. Hoping to referee an adult game in the next few weeks before the season ends, any advice on dealing with adult football? How different will it be to youth games...
  8. A

    New referee, can't keep up with game.