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    cmon guys Allison was surrounded by west ham players, has no chance of even getting in the same postcode as the balll watch it again at halftime
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    var mr attwell clearly having a coffee break instead of watching the game Allison blocked at the goal, and nothing on the assault on henderson
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    halftime fluid

    just out of interest what do you take for a halftime drink and are you offered any by the teams
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    "Push him back or chin him" - U9's parent today

    i think you handled the incident correctly with a strong word
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    Referee Wallet

    you can get a good ref wallet on ebay or amazon
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    Bench Side

    slightly diffferent but funny i was acting as 4th official at the Ayr international youth tournament quite a prestigious tournament gazza, alan shearer, these guys have played in it. anyway coach getting a bit lippy so i decided on the Ask Tell Shift approach eventually i say to him if you...
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    It’s Hard as a young referee

    one peice of advice, i was a liason officer for my referee ascottiation and i told our youngsters we dont give you nice cards to keep nice and dry in your pocket] dont be scared to use them, it does get easier wiith experience
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    referee autobiography

    or mr clattenburg in a different light
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    referee autobiography

    i have alan wilkie david ellary2 of them kevin lynch fl ref jeff winter graham poll colina and this is the only one i didnt finish if thats the case you will really enjoy this book
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    referee autobiography

    give me your opinion,ta
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    referee autobiography

    has anybody read mark clattenburgs yet i would really value opinon cheers
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    didnt see if mr oliver issued a manatory yellow for the hungarian goal celebration
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    3rd Game on the Line, Self Doubt After Games

    thinking over decisions is a good thing, at the correct time, during the game forget, any possible mistakes because you could miss an even bigger decision thats when you can let a game get away from you,
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    A funny incident, what would you do ?

    making it all about her very unprofessional,its a no from me
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    Euro 2020 Officials

    disgusting bobby madden or william collum not selected