Ruskies v Croats


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Which, in Kesworld, means that a quickly taken free kick where a player was already within blocking distance - the ref just waves play on.
A free kick blocked where a defender has immediately (and deliberately) moved towards the ball after the whistle has gone but before it's been kicked, is getting that yellow every time. :cool:
To direct it back to the topic of discussion; I'm ignoring @Ciley Myrus point about the 'top refs' because, well, they're probably being judged differently to us.

Referring back to my assessment: There were two stand on the ball incidents I had in that match. The first went unpunished because the player kicked the ball at him - interception.

The second I cautioned because the defensive player moved in and cut it out.

I was praised for the caution, but warned to be careful regarding the first incident because, even though we make the distinction above, the players won't and it may be seen as inconsistent.

For me, if the assessor is saying I'm in the right, then I'm not going to argue the point. He gave me guidance on the above to consider for match-control but recognised the decision was correct. Heck, even the player I cautioned came up and apologised for doing it. That it isn't punished at top level is neither here nor there; I think if our assessments are saying we're doing it right, then keep on doing it until we're told otherwise. Then we'll just have to adapt from applying the laws to more game-management if we go up the ladder and that dictates it. But in my experience, previous 'top refs' have criticised me (fairly) for *not* pushing on with those cautions - maybe that's changed now, but until an assessor tells me otherwise, I'll err on the side of handing them out. :)

Edit: And btw, this isn't a dig at Ciley or otherwise, just putting forth my view, so hope it isn't taken that way. :)


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Correct, a guide. And what you, me or anyones aunt choses to do with that guide, makes them the referee that they are. You happy to caution after five mins, great
Soms of us are happy to use other skills
Sound like the classic ref that bottles the mandatory part of your job for an easy life and come off unaware tey players have had one over on you.
It's a caution after 120 seconds or 120 minutes