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    Do you drive your own car to games each week? How regularly do you check it? It should really be every week, not only for reliability, but for safety's sake too. You'd do exactly that with your kit bags! Okay, it's not actually to do with whistleblowing, but here's a bit of advice (trick of the...
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    Junior/Youth "You can't referee by a rule book, you have to take it in context."

    Here here! As 'C' words go, Cheat is for me far worse than the other 4 lettered one, instant reds for both mind! "He's cheating us out of this lads" or "Can you cheat for both sides" are just as unacceptable when bandied about, not AT us perhaps, but certainly in our earshot or our benefit, I...
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    A U18 girls' player kicked me!

    Well done Pingvino, a good job well done. As for abandoning matches, this looks as if no further threat of violence towards you existed from this player or any other person, so perhaps your decision to continue paid off, for this fixture and this petulant and unacceptable lashing out in temper...
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    Working with new AR

    I usually put the a/r who might replace me away from the dug outs, if he/she then does, there'll be no axe to grind when refereeing, no risk of confrontatation etc The other a/r then has more responsibilities, so a supportive lazy eye to see how they're coping and the odd thumbs up and smile to...
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    Remarks from Speactors

    At the next 50/50 decision you make which goes AGAINST the team he's bellowing for, as you slowly signal with your arm, look him in the eye, smile, and wink at him, it better than spraying them with mace!
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    Mass Confrontations

    Despite being from Oxfordshire, I had the privilege to be coached by the great Peter Jackson from S&HFA Adam, sadly I believe he's no longer with us, he was as blunt as stone yet sharp as a razor at the same time, great man.
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    Resigning from refereeing

    Very sad to lose a colleague from our ranks at any time, especially for such a serious and unacceptable offence. I too hope you'll return to the family, I would hope your local RA branch/society have been informed by you about this matter? The support they offered me many moons ago when a...
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    Best complaints you've ever recieved from an aggrieved team...

    Referees committee decided that if a referee was marked under 45 a letter of explanation had to be sent in to explain why. Several clubs have been charged with making 'frivolous and vexatious complaints' which has stopped clubs moaning for the sake of it, clubs with genuine grievances still...
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    Best complaints you've ever recieved from an aggrieved team...

    Club Manager: "Just phoning you up as a courtesy" (I was instantly suspicious at half 8 on a Saturday night) "the lads are united in how bad you were today, and as we're marking you under the limit in the rules, I'll be telling our secretary to write a letter of complaint on behalf of XXXXXX FC...
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    would any of you have cautioned?

    Every law is split into 2 parts Padfoot, Fact and Application.......or FA A thorough knowledge of the loaf is more than desireable, however in the case of players or your own colleagues safety, the way laws are applied must be allowed to be made more than a little flexible to and by referees...
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    Open Age Match Control or Coaching?

    I get them to look at me instead of the football by announcing "There are 2 rules to this lads" I usually have them looking at me as I say "let it bounce and don't kick me!" It's never failed thus far!
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    you can't shout leave it

    Verbally distracts an opponent during play or at a re-start? Used to be deliberately 'deludes' an opponent Situation/circumstances rule here I guess?
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    Attempted assault on me

    haha Matthew, a few of us oldies did this as soon as we got our 'class1' back in the day, unlike now, the world was your oyster then
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    General bad language

    Quiet word Public rebuke Red card
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    New Ref

    Just pulling my kitbag from the boot of my car when I heard "Oh Christ, not you again" As I closed the hatch, I became aware of a few youth players crossing the car park, and that their further unfriendly comments were not directed at me, but at a young colleague just entering the dressing room...