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I was once asked by an old school coach at a Junior game to give them a small speech on my role for the game and my expectations I had from them. I think they'd never had a 'proper ref' (cough) so it was a chance to hear a different voice from his own to tell them how to behave etc. Exemplary team as I remember, its nice when it happens and you can add to the learning experience for the yoofs as they embark on their careers. No point getting stuffy and refusing as the game is surely about them and not us!!

Tino Best

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I was asked to ref a friendly today of two teams who normally play 9 aside but next season are going up to 11 aside. I breifed both teams of what a refs expectations of behaivour is and told them what is acceptable and not. Both teams were brill and not a single word of dissent, questions asked by players about decisions and duly explained. I would nt normally speak to whole teams just a quick chat with the captains at KO, but on this occasion I took an oppurtunity to speak to young players just about to move up.