Red and Yellow cards which are best to buy ?

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Where is the best place to buy cards from and are the cards you write on the back any good, if so where can I buy them from ?


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Must say , the fifa wallet thing I will recommend 100% ...... had mine for over a season now and still going strong , where as other brands have been in the bin ..........!!!!!!!!or being honest covered in black tape to hold them together ....after a couple of months

zac bamber

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hard to find a decent set of write on cards, not a big fan of the card skins i got a tip from a premier league referee buy the thin roll of masking tape an stick that on the back 2 strips 1 home an 1 away jot down there number, used it ever since and does the job
What's the best answer to this in 2017? My cards are plastic and are wider than my hands - doesn't look professional when you see a picture of yourself with a huge yellow card imo.
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