My last ever observation


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They will probably expect 50% of the minimum number of matches to consider you, so say 10 middles and a couple of lines.


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I was on 7->6 last season and did 19 matches, people with considerably fewer than that passed.

I've been available every Saturday this season and still only done 7 middles, between a very wet October and covid there just haven't been many games.


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Out of the roughly 20 Saturdays so far this season, 3 middles, 2 lines, 2 weekends lost to moving house, 2 having to self isolate, and 11 due to lockdown/being in tier 3.


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Hi! New to the forum.
I'm going for my 7-6 promotion, with an online event tomorrow, plus the test, which I'm sort of looking forward to.
Have managed 9 middles, 6 lines and 2 observations so far, so am hoping if and when the season resumes, I will be able to get enough done to meet the requirements. Fingers crossed for everyone!