Double red card!

The showing of the card made the second guy even more irate
The card is to be used as a control tool,
Oh god. Been a long time since I heard that rubbish. Wasn't aware anybody was still promoting that.

Pen kick and yc to defender

Even if for dissent, imo, lack of game managment by showing the 2nd yc and red.

Thats the kind of situation where you "get" the second player for his next clear obvious indiscretion.

Just so I'm clear - don't card the player but make something up later to card him for????
So, stepping right into the referee's face to scream at him, perfectly fine then?

Sorry, I must have missed the year that 'dissent' was removed from the laws.
we have recently been given clear instruction now if mobbing (of the official) does occur that a seperate report of the incident has to be submitted, then the governing body will be able to monitor and action, on this with actual evidence to take repeat offending teams to task.