Clear daylight offside

A&H International
So, a novel approach - lets just abolish offside !!!! 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯

  • Stops high line defending, thus creating more space for the midfield players.
  • Stop VAR reviews
  • Creates more attacking football, as the ball will be lumped into the opponents penalty area more.
It would be a little like Gaelic Football, without the points for shots over the bar.
In the 70s the nascent US league NASL got permission from FIFA to use an “offside line” 35 yards from the GL with no OS farther out. While it lasted a few years, it wasn’t considered a success. It forced the defense back. The biggest advantage for the league was it gpcould get aged out star strikers from Europe to come play and not have go more than 35 yards out from the goal (except for kickoffs), so they could be slow and out of shape.

Daylight OS and abolishing OS both do the same thing—force teams to play deeper defense and come close to bunkering. Hardly my idea of how to make the game more attractive.