red card

  1. K

    Red Card Appeal, Advice?

    Just received an appeal in the Red card I talked about around 2-4 weeks ago. Any advice to handling this situation in regards to giving them my statement. The appeal is against an OFFINABUS (S6) in which the player called me a 'daft c**t'. Advice? Note: In this match
  2. R

    Arbroath v Inverness CT

    2 interesting reds here for Willie Collum...
  3. dylanbailey4444

    From high to low

    Having such a great game yesterday evening to such a low today. I sent off a player after about 15 minutes, straight red, for saying the C word after he had missed a shot. He was 1 on 1 and dragged it wide, everyone else at about the half way line. I heard him say that to himself so sent him...
  4. dylanbailey4444

    Advice appreciated!

    I had 2 games today- one u14’s and one u15’s (I play u16’s myself) the first one was the ‘worst’. 2 red cards and 3 yellows (including the second yellow card- one was straight red, one was second yellow- both for the same team) The first red card was a denial of an obvious goal scoring...
  5. F

    Cards in youth football

    Hi, I am going to be refereeing in youth football next season, probably varying from under 9s to under 16s. I was wondering about how others use cards in these types of games. For example an under 10 player shouts dissent at me. Do I caution him like I would if they were older or do I speak to a...
  6. S

    Official FIFA Equipment

    Hi. Does anyone on here know where or how you can get some fifa official referee gear. Cards, coin etc. The same as the UEFA referees use.
  7. R

    Was it really Violent Conduct?

    In my Sunday League match yesterday a competitive Cup game I had an incident in the 85th minute where I dissmissed a player for Violent Conduct but the more I think about it I'm not sure if I made the right call. I gave a foul against the player nothing more than that just a bit careless. As the...
  8. alexv

    My first red, three yellows & an aggressive manager... in a youth game

    Had a pretty intense game today, but felt I handled things fairly well. I gave three yellow cards; in the first half, persistence (player A). In the second, one for tripping and another for persistence. In the second half, I sent off player A after he shouted "it's b0ll0cks" after not getting a...
  9. alexv

    Headbutt or not?

    The FA have decided not to take retrospective action on Canos after this on Saturday. What do you think? For me, if the ref spots that, he’s off. We’ve seen it so many times where a player slightly moves his head forward to make contact with an opponent and that’s seen as VC, so why not here...
  10. alexv

    ADVICE for cards at youth football

    I’m a fairly new referee and was wondering about carding youth players. As a player, I very rarely saw yellow cards (up to around u17/18) and only saw one red which was after a fight. My first (and only so far, as I’ve only done about 5 games) booking came at an u15 friendly for dissent and I...
  11. alexv

    First horror tackle of the night

    Easy decision... 😳
  12. alexv

    Vardy red

    Seeing a lot of ‘the game’s gone soft’ regarding Vardy’s red card... looked incredibly high with excessive force, but what do you think?
  13. Adam Dyer

    Junior/Youth Appeal The Appeal?

    A few of you may remember my extraordinary incident a few weeks back with the video and the red card from the kick in the face? If you do, skip the bit below, if you don't, and fancy a read, here's what happened. U15 A-League game - 2nd and 3rd in the league on a lets say "Muddy" Surface. 35...
  14. M

    YAYA Tackle

    Debates being had already about that Yaya Toure Tackle on Can, want to say red but lets hear everyone's view.
  15. M

    Game Website

    new referee been in email contact with referee secretary in to ref for and he mentioned in the unlikely account of using my cards (u12 games) he said I report them to my 'game website' . Could I ask what that is?
  16. C

    Punch Up - No red cards

    First post on here guys! Have read threads on the site for a few years but have never felt the need to post something until this morning. I refereed this morning which result in 3 red cards and a misconduct form an all round challenging game. After the game I decided to hang around and watch...
  17. Ade Willoughby

    Card Boasting!

    ;) Not intending to cause any conflict but just wanted to ask why some members on this site tend to list the number of cautions and sending offs they have issued, so far this season, on their profiles. Are you boasting about how good you are at giving them out? One member is boasting 55 Yellow...
  18. R

    Red card following final whistle

    Following the final whistle today, a player shouted "F*** off ref, everytime we have you you ruin the f******* game, you're a f******* joke!"" from a distance. I immediately blew my whistle and shouted "Red number 6, can you come over here please". He ignored me and walked away throwing his arms...