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    What's happened to SM?

    Sorry for taking such a long time in responding and sorry for disappearing. Stopped refereeing a little while ago. Became very disillusioned with it all and p*ssed off with the games I was doing. Getting good level games, but just not any fun. Must have done the same team 5 or 6 times in...
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    Welcome to the forum mate. Your madness is mirrored by our own! :D
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    Introduction - Athers

    Welcome to the forum mate. :D
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    Junior/Youth Friendly club Lino

    Got to agree with the above here Craig, if I was that referee I may have done exactly the same. Job one for being a CAR - do not offer the information that you are a referee yourself. I don't know if you did tell him (if you mentioned that, I missed it...) it doesn't help. Job two - do...
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    RIP Ugo....

    Sad day.
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    Seb Larsson

    Oooo lucky he didn't snap the guy's leg. Over the ball and momentum/followed through. Nailed on red for me. Hang on, it's against Utd, scrap the above, caution for Herrera for simulation. Penalty awarded to Sunderland at the next opportunity!!!
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    You'll never believe this...

    Bizarre. Major. Balls. Up. :)
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    Tim Sherwood!!!

    banter? :D
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    OOps Mr Moyes!!!

    Looking into it, the reporter in question was reported as laughing and joking with moyes after the press conference and the statement was caught by a third party who reported it, not the recipient, during this conversation. If that is true, this is a complete non story - they know each...
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    Ross Barkley

    Stone cold definate caution he got away with early in the game. Not a great tackle on lovren later, which was orange for me, it again high on the ankle. Only reason I say orange rather than straight red is the speed they were both moving. Not clever though. The lad could have a great future...
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    Ross Barkley

    He is riding his luck. He is not the best tackler in the world, but somehow keeps avoiding red cards (and more luckily injuring someone) despite some awful tackles. Such a talent. Needs to spend a bit of time leaning some control.
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    Indirect Free Kick Handled on Goal Line

    Settle down please gentlemen.
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    Too much passion + very high speed + really unlucky player in the outcome. Clear red card. Agree with some of the above posters, thought bales was worse.
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    Legea Kits

    Don't do it!!! Worst kit(s) I have ever had. Almost lost a nipple. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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    Rugby,Languages and Dialects

    As Dylan once said, times they are a-changin'