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    Dissertation Questionnaire - Gambling Accessibilty

    Evening guys I'm writing my dissertation and conducting research about gambling accessibility and advertising. If any of you (in the UK) bet and have a couple of minutes to spare to fill this out, or could share it with anyone relevant I would really appreciate it. All responses are fully...
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    Man Utd v Reading VAR IT WORKS !

    I was under the impression that the role of the AVAR was just to watch the live action while the VAR is conducting the review and to communicate to broadcasters, rather than have any input into decision making?
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    First Game!

    Remember to start your watch...
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    World Cup Tips

    Same here re the booking points, will be intrigued to see what the general stance will be with the cards. VAR is always helpful in picking up a stray red to bring the bet in...
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    world cup appointments

    None have been released yet. The referees briefing is being live streamed at 5 today so I’d imagine we’ll find out at least who has the opener. They never tend to get released until a couple of days before the games.
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    New PL Refs

    Very pleased with Coote, always been impressed with him. Hooper not so sure, think there were a couple that I’d have preferred to see promoted
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    Major League Soccer

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    Major League Soccer

    Right I have never been impressed by standards of officiating in America. Tonight I’ve had the misfortune of watching Kansas City V Columbus Crew (quite bored) Foul recognition is up there with what I’d be expecting from a newly qualified ref. CC had a player sent off via VAR in the first...
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    Palmers FC Referees

    If you think Palmers FC is bad, you want to have a look at SE Dons on Youtube I could rant for days about so many things that happen on that channel, some refereeing related and some general but every time I watch the videos it gets me so worked up
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    Chilly Tonight (And tomorrow)

    Just got back in from my game. Absolutely baltic in Leeds today, and with a windy game and the ball camped at one end for the entire second half my hands and feet are still a tad cold as I write this. @PinnerPaul if I were you I'd try to find a way to watch from inside
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    The next start time is so much better... Happily wake up early, and can see it being happily watched in lectures Having watched the majority of it I don't think there are any fundamental flaws. A few soft dismissals (Bairstow X2, Ali and Cook in the 2nd innings) kind of killed us, they don't...
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    Hit the sack at 5:30 this morning. Still woke up at 9. Not even a sleep pattern, just no sleep at all To take the positives from yesterday's performance, at least there's no need to stay up tonight?
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    WRCFA Coloured Shirts

    Referee, Please find attached the procedure for match officials coloured Shirts which the Referees Committee has proposed and approved In short the procedure will be as follows, 1, BLACK to be worn on all games wherever possible 2, Yellow will be the first default colour 3, A Referee...
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    Scunthorpe V Millwall

    I guess it's more of a life thought really...
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    Scunthorpe V Millwall

    'Right then lads, we've got one team in light blue and one in white, with the keepers in orange and black' 'Guess we best wear the light blue shirts then' :eek: