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    Liv Manu

    Gotta say I've done it myself when it's 45:50 and I've no idea who last touched the ball for a throw or corner/goalkick. Also have to admit that on my level, 45" is sometimes already too long for some players so hardly anyone keeps a close watch on what time it really is.
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    Man U v Villa

    Oh well, doesn't happen often that I'm the dissenting opinion so I'm not too big to admit that maybe it is a pen then :) There's a reason I'm not on that pitch. (or any pitch for the last couple of months really)
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    Man U v Villa

    You're right on both counts, not UK based and regarding the problem of subjectivity. Happens that I'm fully convinced this isn't a pen, so for me it's clear and obvious, but that sentence is inherently contradictory: how can something be clear and obvious in one's opinion? And yeah, think VAR...
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    Man U v Villa

    Thought so too, but there isn't. Only visible contact is Pogba clipping Luiz with his left leg, which then causes him to trip himself up. I reaaly think Luiz doesn't even touch Pogba otherwise. Not a dive but certainly not a foul Edit : the fact that two people are fine with the pen probably...
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    Man U v Villa

    Yet another great example of why (I'm a massive fan of VAR myself) VAR does not really seem to function that fantastically in the PL. For once, I think two clear and obvious cases were missed. Oliver gives PK for a trip on Pogba, although the contact is initiated by Pogba, VAR probably decides...
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    Everton v Man Utd

    In the replays you do see him looking at them during the confrontation, I think he's seen it but just not deemed it VC
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    Sheffield United v BHA

    Lundstrom red, absolutely agree with it. At the same time, don't think I'd have seen/given it on my pitch. Nor am I too sure lower level players expect a red here.
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    Yeah going pen for that as well
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    LOTG quiz question

    Even if it happens on the line, by making the foul a push/pull, we don't know if the foul ended inside the box if we're dissecting this awful question any further. Should never be asked, even if one is of course often going to go with YC/RC &pen.
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    Junior/Youth No red card?

    My experience from playing at that age is that we always knew what we did. If someone committed DOGSO, anything other than a red would put the ref in a difficult position. At U12 I'd still be in doubt
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    Inter v Real Madrid

    In NL we don't even code Yellows anymore as they're non-appealable anyway
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    Where do you keep your cards, book etc ?

    Most players I ref here in NL don't want the game to be slowed down and most assignors don't mind the procedure not being stuck to as long as the CR knows when to calm things down. Seems like the UK is a bit stuck in the older process, not as if the players don't know what they've done to...
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    Where do you keep your cards, book etc ?

    Front right - Yellow write-on Front left - red write-on Top left - Book with spare cards and sharpie Top right - spare pen, coin, extra whistle Used to only use the notebook for cards but after I bottled a DOGSO-R (90th minuted and lopsided game) I switched to pockets. If my hand's in a...
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    Offside After A Save

    One that happened last year js free kick is saved by the GK, goes off bar, post, deflects off defender to attacker that was offside when the shot was taken. Good offside call and to my surprise no complaints once it was explained
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    Mass Confrontation Approach

    Had one a while ago after an awful tackle. Both teams coming in, nothing too awful happened. After what felt like an eternity but probably not more than thirty seconds and ringing ears for anyone in my vicinity, both teams were sent to their halves, three reds (1x SFP, 2VC) and a host of...