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    Game Tracker

    Actually downloaded it yesterday - may well buy an apple watch to use it. Whats it like without the watch?
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    Both equal for me - Anyone calls me cognoscente or consistent are both equally offensive and untrue.
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    Game Tracker

    That's the one! Cheers Ross. Dont remember the subs but guess it was in Beta stage a few years ago hence the free sign up :)
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    "you're sh*t ref" "not as sh*t as you fella you're 3-2 down" Ok maybe not...
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    Game Tracker

    I remember a couple seasons back there was a website for logging games/tracking cards etc that calculated your averages. Does anyone remember or have the link to this at all?
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    Helpful Captain?

    Well done skip. Had similar captain today but two of his players still talked themselves into a red. Makes such a difference to have a good skipper
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    "Leave it"

    Last season was reffing a semi final in a senior competition and Red midfielder made bird noises whilst trying to hold of a defender - I blew and gave the FK, the look of shock ok everyone's faces was incredible. Don't think anyone on the pitch had seen it before, and a couple of the players...
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    City Everton Walker RC

    Watch there replay, there is no contact with the leading leg at all.
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    City Everton Walker RC

    Dropped a second clanger with Schneiderling Shame you can't retrospectively ban players for diving. Awful
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    Dissent? OFFINABUS? or just get on with it?

    Red card - offinabus
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    Forum Meet

    Hertfordshire is pretty nice at this time of year
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    Pre-Season Cautions!

    I believe the code for the league is something like 'FA - Friendly' Just choose that and crack on as normal :smoke:
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    European Championships 2016

    This is why this new third place team thing is silly You end up with top seed teams playing utter tosh in the last 16 like England
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    European Championships 2016

    We get either Portugal Iceland Austria or Hungary in the next round... Very nice
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    Clattenburg's first Euro 2016 game

    Other than the penalty miss ;)