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    Kazanci Buzzers

    Anyone heard of/used these before? Never heard of them but they popped up in my recommended products.
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    Firstly to wish everyone a happy new year....but i was scrolling through the web and i came across a page showing the adidas Euro 2016 kits and for once Adidas seem to have made a kit that us plucky Brits can wear!! That is if these images are correct! Any thoughts?
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    Player body slams opposition player.

    I was there- horror tackle! he had been eyeing up that for the previous 3 passes. Stockport were getting really frustrated as they were 2-0 down, down to 10 and worcester were passing it around for fun. I do think the ref got the card for the reaction right!
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    Worcester City incident(you might have already seen the video)

    Oops: my post sounds like I condone the actions by Shab- I dont! He is incredibly injury prone and struggles to stay fit for more than s month at a time and had spent huge chunks of his career injured and a number of attacks intended to injure him by a number of Stockport players is bound to...
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    Worcester City incident(you might have already seen the video)

    Thoughts? FYI: the tackler only got a yellow but the reaction did result in a red card. Stockport County players had been taking chunks out of Shabir Khan the whole game. Just before the video, Worcester had been passing the ball around when 2-0 up frustrating the Stockport players.
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    What happens here?

    Just wondering what you all would give in this situation?
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    The Referee Wage Gap

    The only way of having all national group refs full-time is to get more sponsorship deals- like EA. Maybe have a sponsor(like EA) for the pre and another for the FL to be worn on shirts when officiating that comp, but most potential sponsors would be interested in teams, rather than the...
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    freezing weather! keep warm!?

    A manager said to me an idea about thermal boots yesterday...
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    Costa offside?

    just seen Jon Moss give Costa offside even thought the assistant didn't give it as it looked like it was played back by a Swansea player. Thoughts?
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    Hello from Soccer Superstore USA (shipping Ref Gear internationally)

    We need a shop like that in England!!
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    Refs wearing tracksuits..?

    Tracksuit to game. Kit for game Simples, *squeak*
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    What cards do you use?

    Are the cards good quality and what size are they in relation to others(e.g.FIFA) because I've been wondering about them?
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    What an idiot....

    A Manager has said to me not to "to save me the waste of time of completing' them forms, innit" But considering that my caution yesterday took me all of 27 seconds after turning my laptop on...!
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    What do you toss with? (Steady on)

    I also vouch for the chocolate coin. Great if you've forgotten your h/t snack!
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    Red and Yellow cards which are best to buy ?

    I have to agree, but i still think it looks alright. Thats why i use them primarily