The Cup Final


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Is the Saturday 3pm live TV ban not still in effect?
Not when there are no Premier League games on. That's why Soccer Saturday can show goals as they go in during international breaks but can't on normal weekends.

The 5.30pm cup final kick off only came in from 2012 onwards, but the 3pm TV block has been in for much, much longer.


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League history of current and former Premier League teams from 1992–93 to 2013–14
Most consecutive home wins: 20, Manchester City (5 March 2011 – 21 March 2012)
Most consecutive away wins: 11Chelsea (6 April – 7 December 2008), Manchester City (21 May – 27 December 2017)
Longest unbeaten run: 49 games, Arsenal (7 May 2003 – 24 October 2004)[22]
Fewest defeats in a season: 0, Arsenal (2003–04)[23]
Fewest away defeats in a season: 0, Arsenal (2001–02, 2003–04)[28][35]
Most consecutive home games undefeated: 86, Chelsea (20 March 2004 – 5 October 2008)
Most consecutive away games undefeated: 27, Arsenal (5 April 2003 – 25 September 2004)
Fewest home draws in a season: 0, Manchester City (2008–09, 2018–19), Manchester United (2012–13), Chelsea (2016–17)
Most goals scored in a season: 106, Manchester City (2017–18)[2]
Most goals conceded in a season (38 games): 89, Derby County (2007–08)
Fewest goals conceded in a season: 15, Chelsea (2004–05)[48]
Best goal difference in a season: 79, Manchester City (2017–18)[2]
Lowest finish with a positive goal difference: 16th, Manchester City (2003–04)
Most goals scored at home in a season: 68, Chelsea (2009–10)[48]
Fewest goals scored at home in a season: 10, Manchester City (2006–07), Huddersfield Town (2018–19)
As I said, highly debatable!!!
Man United were immense in their two periods of dominance, but I don't think they were anywhere near as good as this current Man City team. If they come even close to 100 points again next season that would be the clincher for me, and I can't see how anyone will stop them doing that.
I really think that if KDB is healthy all season, Manchester City wins the quadruple. I know Man City was great all season, but De Bruyne is on another level.

As for the kickoff time, many of us in the States would have been just fine with a 10 AM ET kickoff. Hell, I wake up for the 6:30 Chicago time kickoffs on Saturdays. A 3 PM London kickoff would be a non issue for us, as that would be 7 AM on the West Coast.