The Cup Final


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I like Sterling. I know some don't, but I do.

But him kicking the ball to try and get the goal (I think he did), thus nicking it off his team mate, is a crappy thing to do.
I will not accept the "making sure" it was in. He was aware that no one was around him. He could have let his team mate have that goal.

He was chasing that "I scored at a Wembley FA Cup Final" tagline and done it the scummy way.
Not a tough game for Kevin Friend but imo didn’t put a foot wrong and the early dissent caution and then public warning to Holebas when he was pushing it were superb to actually see at the top level in a showpiece event and set himself up well to be in perfect control.


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Wayne Rooney MoM for me.
He's was given it many times over the rears after contributing just as much as today.

Watford's showing was an insult to the occasion. Abysmal
Also, Vincent Kompany comes across as such a decent bloke.


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De Bruyne MOM, do me a favour...... only came on in 55th minute!!!! Sterling for sure!
Having sat at the game and seen his performance from a very high position I completely agree with De Bruyne's MOTM. He was absolutely immense, and at the time he came on Watford had been starting to get a foothold in the game at the start of the second half, he soon put a stop to that. If there's a better midfielder in world football I don't know who it is.

Kevin Friend did well but can't exactly say he was tested.


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De Bruyne MOM, do me a favour...... only came on in 55th minute!!!! Sterling for sure!
2-0 when he came on, 6-0 FT. Watford were starting to create chances and a goal from them could have changed the game. De Bruyne killed the game off and got a goal and an assist. World class. Even being mentioned for MOTM after only 30 minutes of football suggests how good he was