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I agree with above. I always try to be constructive with my responses.

I do feel though that some posters are deliberately inflammatory towards others; things such as suggesting whether the whistle is right for them etc. I always wonder why we have to resort to such levels when the reality is we are all colleagues and (I think!) we are all here for the same reasons.

Yes we may disagree from time to time, loosely translates to at least every thread, but I do wish people would not resort to personal slanging matches which again as others habe pointed out would not happen in a face to face environment.

The number of thread closures and additional work it creates for the mods is unneccesary!


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If only we were all just as good in the laws of online debate as laws of the game.

The problem always starts when one plays the man instead of playing the ball. Debate the opinion not the person with the opinion.

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No issue with obvious disagreements or general banter but what happened certainly crossed a line of what’s acceptable anywhere on social media. Don’t want to go into details but I’d of reacted too if what was mentioned to me had been sent to me either publicly or privately. All swept under the carpet now and we move on to this seasons action... just a shame it was erased because it was popcorn viewing for a good couple of hours! 🍿


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The vast majority of people on here are polite and courteous to each other, and that is the way it should be. Yes, there will be times when people write something that gets misinterpreted, I've probably been guilty of that myself, but those occasions are few and far between. What actually happens more frequently is members attack each other and this persists over several posts as both members play ping pong, and by the time us mods get to it (we all have full time jobs so can't monitor 24/7) we find it is out of control. That behaviour is unacceptable, and when it happens there will be consequences.

All we would ask is that before anyone posts they should ask themselves whether that post is likely to offend anyone else, be that the person they are replying to or any other member. If they answer is yes then you should be moving right away from that post button and giving yourself some thinking time.


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I can recall multiple occasions where a new referee has come on here looking for support or feedback on a decision in their fledgling career that they're not sure about and instead of receiving that support, has been subjected to ridicule and condescension. I'm sorry to the mods if I've reacted too strongly when that's happened, but I find that kind of response pretty disgusting from people who claim to be senior referees.

And it's even more of a shame that this issue keeps cropping up (and keeps getting me riled up), because the hivemind on here can be a really strong resource at times. I've learnt so much from my time on here, I think if we can provide support to new refs who need it, we can be proud as a collective of the positive influence we have on the refereeing community.

On the flip-side, if we allow members to chase people away from refereeing for one mistake (and daring to take the hugely positive step of coming online asking for feedback), that positive influence is at risk of being significantly lessened. And that would be a huge waste of the potential of this community in my view.


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Always be nice to each other! :D

I saw the forum fall out from the two members who are no longer with us. Didn't make sense to me and I don't really want to know what that was all about.

I like the forum, it's a good place for discussion and is accessible for me compared to typical resources, so please keep up the discussions. :)
my nosy head ask when was it i missed it, not interesting what the school boy playground fight, well thats usually how these things happed, but when cheers

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I've seen some of the posts (courtesy of real life connections with some users) and the mods did the right thing to lose the members involved. Anything less could have been seen as condoning the appalling comments.
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