Offside Clarification

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Well this is the obvious outcome of about 30 years of defenders using offside as a way to trap forwards, which it was never meant to be. I can remember flagging (as club AR in 80's) about twenty or more offsides every game. Cross, defenders step up, any player the slightest fraction ahead of the defensive line: flag up. So perhaps the pendulum has now swung strongly to the other side, with a player needing not only to be in offside position but to actually DO something as well. The difference is: one system leads to goals that defenders consider unfair, the other system just gioves dozens of indirect free kicks in a game. Ask yourself: which is the best for watching a game of football?
Fair points Ganga, but of all the decisions we have to make, it’s the one that baffles commentators, fans and players alike. Fans especially have to feel that they aren’t being cheated and need to understand the decisions that aren’t that obvious at times!