Law 15 Throw Ins

I'm doing quite high level futsal where the throw in position tolerance is less than big football so I am extra sensitive to this... but here's the thing... what irks me when a throw is taken 12-15 yards further back than it should is that half the time it is not remotely innocent. The opposition have clustered around where the ball went out ready to press, so the thrower doesn't bother coming back to the correct place, avoids the pressure and takes the easy out e.g. by throwing to the unmarked GK. This is a bit easier to correct in futsal... (and of course it's an 8-10 yard problem rather than a 12-15)... but I think refs should be smart to it in big football.

If you are passive as a player defies the laws by taking a throw from blatantly the wrong place to avoid pressure, then yes, you are last week's ref.
This. And the complaint always is 'what does it matter if it's further back!'

Well.....if he wasn't getting a benefit out of it, he wouldn't have done it, would he?

It's really almost as bad as taking it further up the field.