Dreading a game on the weekend

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Ooh, I dunno. I find that last week's teams might moan you're too soft, but next week's will moan you're too strict.
Don’t worry about last week or next weeks games, you can change the past and you can’t accurately predict the future! Take all as they come, quite a few thought I was a £&@t, I’d joke that my new Disco was paid for by the FA for services to their Christmas Do... some believed it! :oops:
Be firm in your decisions. Set the tone early on, and stick with it. You know your limits for fouls and dissent etc, so when a player crosses that line get the cards out.

If they want to be idiots and finish the game with 9 or 8 men, then that's on them.

They know from last time what you allow and don't allow, so they have no excuse.

Treat it the same as any game, be professional and polite but firm and staunch.

Don't worry about the assesor at all, just stick to your normal game.


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Take all as they come, quite a few thought I was a £&@t
Still, there's nothing so much more frustrating than a game you manage well, and yet still have half the team blank you when it is time for the handshakes. I suppose I really just need to be tougher and just be strict, come hell or high water. :p


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if they want to start make sure there is only one winner, you, i agree with advice already given, stand on everything in the first 20 minutes, make sure your first card everyone can see why you did it,
and stick a few more pencils in your pocket than normal lol


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Short story, all went well!

Players were as fiery as expected and one thres an awful challenge in after about 1/2 minutes. Blew the whistle, he went mad! Easy booking. Second booking followed about 5 minutes later for a similar situation and after that, all calmed down. Sometimes things just build up in your mind more than they should!