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Now we're talking! I have an absolute boot fetish, think I have close to ten pairs at the minute - plus I get through five games some weekends so I don't have the chance to wash and dry them between games..

Best I have at the minute are Adidas Copa LINK (not exact ones I have as doubt can get them any more), very comfortable, super easy to clean and are holding up well.

Lots swear by the classics - Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Tiempo etc. I have new Nike Phantom LINK in all black that cost £240 and are easily the most comfortable item of footwear I've ever worn, but aren't easy to clean and are expensive (I still play and got them cheaper, don't judge me!).

Plenty of blackout boots available at the minute that look the part. For soft ground I use Nike Premier LINK, these are a really good boot and I'd highly recommend them, the anti-clog really works too.

Finally, I'd recommend not spending less than £50 on boots, unless you know of a certain cheap boot that will be suitable. Look for recommendations and reviews and go from there.
As a referee in the United States, we often referee in shoes other than traditional soccer boots (or as we say in the States, "cleats"). I have three go-to shoes that are not cleats. I don't know how available these are in the UK, but use my information as you will.

Adidas Rockadia trail running shoes - I wear these on FieldTurf (or 4G turf) and harder grass fields when I'm in the center. I can tell you a number of Major League Soccer center referees wear these shoes as well. They are pretty distinctive.

Salomon Speedcross shoes - I wear these on softer grass fields. They have a sole with good grip. If I'm officiating in tournaments, I also switch these out.

When I am an assistant referee, I generally wear the Diadora shoes mentioned earlier. They are more like soccer shoes.

When I watch professional matches, I'm always surprised at how many center referees wear traditional soccer shoes. I would imagine those can get uncomfortable. In the US, Canada, and Mexico, we often see center referees wearing shoes like the Rockadias. As centers, we are not touching the ball and we are not cutting sharply like players. The trail running-type shoes have always worked better for me.
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My go to are sondicos half moulded half metal studs. They seem to be great for all surfaces except rock hard summer pitches. I did try puma but they were not as robust. One pair lasts about 3/4 of a season for me and they fit my perfectly and are like wearing slippers. In summer I wear astros or black running shoes on those pitches.


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I use Adidas 11Pros. Not sure if they still make them but I wore them when I played and still wear them now. They’re getting a bit small now though. When I play, I use Adidas PrimeKnit and they are unbelievably comfortable so I’d definitely recommend them if there’s a black pair somewhere (shame mine are bright orange...)
I guarantee you that not a single player, manager or spectator will notice or give a flute about the brand of kit you're wearing.
Oh I don’t know about that...I had a group of parents mention my attire, commenting that I was the first referee they’d seen that actually looked like a referee 😂. That’s as far as it goes IMO, as soon as you’re on the pitch it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference what kit you’re wearing providing you don’t look like a tramp...or worse, a kopite.