Best/worst dive you’ve ever seen?

Sheffields Finest

Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
VAR says penalty to Stoke! 👍

3 defeats in 4, down to 10 men, Leeds should be falling down that league soon!! Manager never saw that coming!!! :ninja:
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Worst dive I remember is Rivaldo? 2002, world cup, phantom ball to the face.

In my matches I can't really think of any that come close to pro league types...
I feel like we’ll see it more in the future, like I said, the only one I’ve ever seen was an u8 kid! It was laughable but I can imagine it becoming more and more of an issue especially seeing how it benefits the pros these days
Speak8ng of dives. Does this count? Player after receiving his second yellow dives to the ground and does the centipede. If you do not know what the centipede is please look it up. Its a type of primitive dance done with music. HAHA. This definitely may not qualify, but this young bloke did dive to the ground and proceed to centipede towards. I swear, LMAO.