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The process still allows for the ref to jog to the side of the pitch and look at a monitor. It looks ridiculous, but if there's any doubt in the VAR's head, it's his job to recommend the on-field ref takes a look, rather than recommending a straightforward change of decision.

As you say, I'm sure they'll still get it wrong sometimes, but it's important to remember that the VAR doesn't have to just recommend a decision, they can simply recommend a second look.
Agreed. They are, of course, not called a Video Referee, but a Video Assistant Referee, and we all know that the job of an assistant is to assist, not insist!

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Am pleading ignorance here. The VAR, on both cases Neil Swarbrick, has had an AR with him too? Do they then become the sole judge of an offside? Do they have any input in say a red card call and vise versa, Swarbrick, on an offside?
So which do you prefer
- end up with right decision reached through wrong process or
- follow the right process but end up with the wrong decision

Obviously the right process right decision is the ultimate goal but that is a bit too much to ask from A-League right now. I think there has been a vast improvement in VAR use in the last couple of weeks. Arzani dive was a good example. It looked like a dive but not an obvious error so VAR correctly didn't get involved. If this happened a few weeks ago they would have made a meal of it.

EDIT: just read an article that the rule of VAR not being involved in changing yellow to red only applies to SFP. The Williams incident was a SPA to DOGSO which is different.
The problem is, in the HAL we're usually seeing the wrong decision reached through the wrong process
HAL has gotten far more decisions wrong than right. Either by not intervening when they should, intervening when they shouldn't, and coming up with the wrong decision.

Even in the last couple of weeks there's still been an incident or two that should have seen VAR involvement, but didn't. But at least the changed rules have stopped the VAR incorrectly turning yellow cards into red.

But even that DOGSO that was upgraded to a red card - our process just seems to much more worse than how it's happening overseas.