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    Matteo Guendouzi will face no further action over Neal Maupay incident

    But alex you look about 12 so cant get into any pubs :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    Tips to improve my distance running?

    I agree with Rusty Ref about the fitness test, but maybe it should be taken from 5 onwards rather than 4. At 5 you are a senior county ref so should be getting a better standard of football than refs below them. Maybe it should be slightly less distance. But although you need to have a certain...
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    The fastest way to pass from Level 7 to Level 5

    it might be more difficult to do a double jump this season as it may be a delayed start.
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    Tips to improve my distance running?

    a watch hr monitor isnt accurate. you need a chest strap for better accuracy. The best advice is run how you feel. Even when running slowly I am normally in HZ 5 but I can run a half marathon in under one hour 40 mins and do a marathon in under 4 hours so dont get hung up on HRZs
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    Tips to improve my distance running?

    with distance 80% slobw 20% fast, and when parkrun comes bac tk, you can use the first lap as a base to see how you are progressing
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    realistically you should never have stopped excercising when the season was shutdown, and kept a base level of fitness. As a ref in my forties I also run as a hobby so keep fit through the year, but even being furloughed it has been dificult to keep motivation. i agree excercise first and then...
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    What would you have been doing this week?

    This month I was meant to be on the line for a county cup final at Portman Road. Poop happens. maybe get one next year
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    True Story...

    what the dickens are you on about!!!!!!!!
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    but i got the ball said the ref
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    Replacement GPS Watch

    where can you get the garmin refwatch app i couldnt find it on playstore
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    England Question

    Default answer to SF questions. Sheffield United. If wrong after that then start using your grey matter:):):):):)
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    France v West Germany 1982

    That challenge is still horrendous no matter how many times you see it, but I imagene it has been discussed to death. Good to see you back Ciley
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    France v West Germany 1982

    Watched this yesterday and I noticed that on the penalty kick during the game there was no encroachment from any one. It looked weird, and when did it become illegal to stcop wearing jewelry?Watching old football there are lots of chains being worn in the 80s
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    What would you have been doing this week?

    recovering from brighton marathon
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    Some good news ...

    Thats very poor as it was a longer promotion season this year and not to have one observation is quite bad. I only got 2 out of 3 and there was 6 months between them.