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    Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    That seems to be their way of a punishment these days, much like Mike Dean got a couple of months ago. Otherwise i guess board duties
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    Man Utd vs Bournemouth

    He's made 4 key wrong decisions in this game, the 2 reds, giving a red to Surman and the penalty to MU. All shocking decisions. Game ruined. I sincerely hope hes demoted to FL duties in the coming weeks
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    Longest Penalty... EVER

    Thoughts? LOL
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    Junior/Youth Tricky One Tomorrow

    Under 12s So, Im 100 miles from my home (staying with parents for the weekend for a nice visit) so thought sat morning when everyone will be in bed and unsocial-able, LETS GO REF! I'm refereeing 2 teams I know well from when I lived at home with parents, One team I used to coach and the other...
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    Oh how I've (not) missed youth football!

    I know the lad from reffing him before and he gives zero respect to match officials so I was willing to let a few appeals go but this went over the top for me. As for the lesson, that split second made all the difference ;) And 8-10 yards ish? Maybe less? No more than 10 though
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    Oh how I've (not) missed youth football!

    If he hadnt have celebrated id have chalked it down to an accident as it does happen from time to time. No ban as it was second to last game and it was a friendly tournament. Rules were just LOTG.
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    Oh how I've (not) missed youth football!

    U12 round robin tournament yesterday. Reds vs blues and blues are winning 1-0, very tight game. Lots of chit chat and 'hows that a foul' mainly from blues as reds were turning the screw on their attacks. Freekick right on the edge for a blatent late challenge to which most of the blues argued...
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    Columbus vs Montreal (MLS)

    Just watched an MLS game on SkySports, and it was 90+3 and Montreal scored to equalise at 4-4 and the scorer took his shirt off but didnt get booked? It was a fifa ref team too! Thoughts?
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    Club assistants - advice please

    In the games I've done, CARs can be an option if the ref wishes, this is why I always deny it. Im not fussed about if the ball was an inch out occasionally, its normally too tight to not be able to sell. As soon as I delegate CARs they want to do offsides or try and do them even though i tell...
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    "Everton's first goal was absolutely offside"

    Goal, as ASM said. GK has clear sight. This shows the 2 ball trajectories. Not quite sky sports level of technology but it shows that Lukaku is not interfering.
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    Mike Jones, Chelsea vs. Bournemouth

    Bournemouth had an identical shout for a penalty vs Lpool in C1 Cup with, incidentally, Mike Jones in charge. Not given, im happy with the consistency.
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    Thoughts? Thoughts?
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    Simulation from a match official? Thoughts?
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    End it, im bored What would you have done as ref? :)
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    Best complaints you've ever recieved from an aggrieved team...

    Had one last season, under 12s game,Yellows vs blues, 1-0 to yellows, I have the managers as CARs for ins and outs on touchline ONLY, on yellows side, I can just about see the line as its a touch feint and with the sun in my eyes hard to see but it looks a yard in to me, I look at CAR he shakes...