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Hi All,

This Sunday I was in the middle for an open aged game. On the half way line mid game white 10 went in for a tackle with blue 8. I blew for a foul, Blue 8 then turned and kicked the opponent. I gave blue 8 a red card then awarded the blue team a free kick for the original foul.

I am sure I am correct but a white player said how the kick then a blue player said it was their free kick as the kick out takes over the original foul. I usually wouldn't question myself but the player is a qualified level 5 referee and I am a level 7.

Thanks, FR

Ryan Owens

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A foul can't occur if the ball is not in play so blue did not foul his opponent and, therefore, no free kick should be awarded to the white team. Therefore, you are correct: a red card for blue 8, with the restart being a DFK for blue after the foul committed by White 10 against Blue 8.

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The only time you can award a free kick with the ball 'not in play' is during the taking of a penalty kick during normal or extra playing time - not kicks to decide the winner - (the offence is committed after your signal to take the kick, but before the ball is kicked, and dependant on a goal 'not being scored' - it's there if you take a look..........honest) and I'm probably rare as a referee who's actually done it, much to the distaste of Gary Parker

You were spot on Fat Ref by the way.