Whistle with a wrist lanyard


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I found a cheap knock-off of the Valkeen that came with the finger grip and sounds about the same, but only set me back about £10-£12 :p
Got my 4 quid one delivered there. The finger grip already feels second nature and still feel like I’ve got plenty of room in the hand for cards and that.


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I did this for about half a season. I had the bald head. I had the death stare. I thought I was Collina.
:facepalm: - no chance of you and Collins being confused.... especially after you have started talking to the players


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Ive not tried the finger grip but i tend to feel like it would fall off your finger quite regularly.
I used to put whistles on a clip, which serves pretty much the same purpose as what Socal Lurker says. I then bought a Kakapo, and it had finger grips. I tried it once and have never gone back. I get why some wouldn't like them, but I like having the grips to keep my whistle from falling to the ground, which has happened before.

The most important thing for this, is to just be comfortable with however you hold your whistles. If you aren't comfortable with how you're holding the whistle, you'll think about that instead of making the right call on the field.


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I really couldn’t get on with the finger grip. 23 years of lanyard use I guess


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I really couldn’t get on with the finger grip. 23 years of lanyard use I guess
I was originally resistant to using it sticking with what I knew, wrist lanyard. It really was no drama.. I was expecting it to be fixed position like the foxes but it wasn't so I was even more put off but it worked perfectly.

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A problem I had with a Lanyard is that when you drop the whistle to note a players name (or something), there could be a delay if you urgently needed the whistle again because it could take a few seconds to retrieve the whistle. With the finger grip, you can drop the whistle for any reason but it falls naturally back to where it's needed in a heartbeat. You literally don't have to worry about holding the whistle because it's always instantly retrievable