What to wear when you're 4th official


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It doesn't really matter as long as you look smart and professional. Better to go with more external layers than less, if you are warm you can take them off and stick them in the ball bag, whereas if you are cold you are stuck until at least half time.

Whatever you do DON'T put extra layers under your kit, at least not more than you would normally wear when in the middle / on the line. Remember if one of the officials goes down injured you'll be on, and there won't be the opportunity to start stripping off leggings / under shirts, etc. So not only will you look like the Michelin man you'll be very uncomfortable by the end.


I'll Decide ...
Kit worn for 4th official, County rain jacket (still required for when delivering courses) and brand new PGMOL tracksuit bottoms (thought I'd lost my other pair) which for obvious reasons will be staying with me.

I've already found a home for my 2015-16 shirt and the shorts are all good for the gym and pre-seasoning training (not my pre-season, but the one I help run)
Just so's you know Brian, I was only joking ....... ;) :D