Vignette 6: The insignificant mistake

Blue Number Four scoops up the ball and wipes away the moisture in a makeshift pouch in front of his shirt whilst hastily scouting the pitch for an available and well-positioned teammate. Gallin blows again on his whistle. ‘Red throw. It’s red ball,’ he says with some conviction.
The spectators exchange looks and a murmur of bewilderment encircles the pitch. An air of displeasure radiates from the Blue players and wraiths across the frosted grass to Gallin’s lonely position. ‘Maybe I got that one wrong,’ he thinks to himself, gently chewing the corner of his bottom lip and replaying the decision in his head. ‘My position wasn’t great, looked to have come off Blue but I didn’t have a clear line of sight. ****!’
‘Make a mistake there, do you think, ref?’ Asks Blue Number Four ****ily as he jogs by.
‘Yeah, perhaps, but that’s the first I’ve made, you’ve made five already,’ Gallin retorts with a wink and a smile. He senses some relief when Number Four grins back. He got away with this one, it didn’t really matter. But the next one might.

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