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Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind!
Not much you can do about it - on my other forum I get sick and tired of threads moaning about QPR not winning.

Bit like VAR, its a fact of life I have to live with!:rolleyes:
It’s all been downhill Paul since you were the first losers of the first Charity Shield. How the Mightly have fallen ⚔️

It’s just gone to VAR and it’s another penalty to Chelsea! 😂


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Don't think this is going anywhere. There are always going to be posts on VAR within topics, and as long as they are relevant to the game being discussed that is fine. Clearly lots of us on here have vastly different opinions on VAR to each other so we aren't always going to agree.

That said, VAR will always fall under "as seen on TV" so nothing to stop anyone creating a VAR thread as opposed to a new sub-forum, but I predict it will go off topic within days and end up getting closed.
Not open for further replies.