Tournaments in the UK and rest of Europe

Thomas Irvine

Level 7 Referee
After my GCSEs this summer I was looking into tournaments to do in the UK or Europe. Having looked at the tournaments abroad website I am not sure i would be able to do any of them this summer but have been looking at TeamToursDirect ; would people recommend them? Are there any other tournaments this summer that are looking for referees and you would recommend?
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Brian Hamilton

RefChat Addict
After four years of going outside the UK, my RA are heading to the Welsh Super Cup in the first week of August. There's a similar tournament in Bolton and another in Manchester as well.

As for Tournaments Abroad, their tournaments fill up pretty quickly and the biggest issue can often be getting your flight booked before the price gets above reasonable.

Some tournaments will only accept referees booked through someone like TA as it gives them some control over the quality as TA will sift out those they think are maybe not suitable.

Wherever you go, work hard and learn. Good luck!