Too Windy


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When the wind is that bad, and the ball won't stay still for free kicks and goal kicks, I tend to run to position with my back to the ball. Did it move before he kicked it? Not sure, I was running to be in position near the drop zone.


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As a rule of thumb (no hard and fast rules), if you can see the four corner flags from the centre of the halfway line, game on.

I was an AR on a foggy evening - sort of fog that was coming and going, at its worse I couldn't see far touchline (for offsides obviously!) so we paused for 5 mins and it cleared and on we went (Isthmian U18s)


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On my course, a long time ago, I was told that if you stand on a corner flag and can't see the opposing corner flag the game doesn't go ahead.

According to many parents and coaches around my games, my eyesight is bad enough that I would never be able to see the diagonal corner flag when standing at a corner. Does that mean I can just abandon all of my games? :D