Substitution Confusion

Hello, the league for my league OHTSL say "either team may substitute at any stoppage of play (this is FIFA)" However, does this mean blue team can substitute on a red throw even if red team isn't substituting? This could be used to stop the momentum of an attacking team, as a referee should I allow this or am I interpreting the rules wrong?


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Yes the laws of the game allow any team to make a substitution at any stoppage AND it has to be done with the permission of the referee. However fairness (for both sides) is one of the fundamentals of the game.

When you say to stop the momentum, do you mean to stop a counter attack or do you mean to slow play down because they are under the pump (like a tactical time out)?

In a counter attack situation, the attacking team usually takes the restart very quickly and there wont be enough time for me to 'give permission' ;)for a substitution. Their sub most likely wont be ready anyway.

In other cases I don't have an issue with a substitutions as long as the substitute is ready to get on the field.
As per the FIFA Laws of the Game a substitution can occur at any stoppage in play. This is written into the laws.

It's unlikely to use it to stop the momentum of an attacking team...well, it can occasionally happen with unlimited interchange. But really, if somebody shouts 'SUB REF' just as the throw is being taken, they can wait until next time.
One of our local leagues allow subs on any stoppage with referee permission. As they also allow unlimited subs, it can certainly be used to slow the game down if not kept in check by the referee. It's pretty easy to get a feel for when it's acceptable or not to sub on a corner, or throw in, and just hold the subs off.
I think the "this is FIFA" notation is the clue here. I see you are a USSF referee so this is clearly meant to address the confusion that might arise from the fact that many USSF refs also officiate in NFHS games, where teams can't make substitutions on an opponent's throw-in unless the team taking the throw-in is also making a substitution.

This restriction does not apply under the IFAB's Laws of the Game, although as @CapnBloodbeard says, if they leave it too late and are obviously trying it on you might develop a case of 'selective deafness.' :)