Starting To Enjoy AR-ing Again


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November and December were months I wasn't looking forward to as I've been given 3/4 lines and 1 middle per month (I much prefer being in the middle than on the line).

Previous months have been the other way round, lots of middles and one or two lines.

Having completed November and moving in to December, I can honestly say I've thoroughly enjoyed the lines I've had and enjoyed not being the one in the limelight for a while. It's been canny to take a step back and watch others ply their trade, picking up tips from them as they go.

Given the choice, I would still pick refereeing over lining but I'm enjoying my current "break".

Just thought I'd share

A Freethinker

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Good for you I know lots who went down the AR line (excuse the pun) and loved it, personally I am defo a middle man enjoy the odd line in a final now but will also want to be the one with the whistle!

Tino Best

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I might be getting my first AR game this weekend. I have not run the line for about 3 years and that was as a CAR. If it happens I will look forward to it, I normally ref only youth games so it will be quite different and challenging in a different way.


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Yeah, I find that really interesting - at the level I currently am, running the line is my only chance to work in a team, so I definitely enjoy it purely for that aspect. If I was working as a referee with NAR's on a regular basis (as I presume our Level 4 OP is), I can see why dropping back to lines would not be something to look forward to. But I guess until I've gained some experience with NAR's, it's hard to judge.


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The team aspect is there in every game and something I enjoy. It's the 90 minute bit on the line where I'd prefer to be in the middle