Rugby League Sin Bin/VAR


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Just watched 10 minutes of Rugby League on TV.
Discussion between the match referee and VAR was professional, calm, polite ("Show me that again, please, slightly slower") and effective.
Audio fully broadcast on TV.
Very impressive.
Player sin binned. The restart was a penalty, which the taker was slow in setting up. . . and I noticed that the Sin Bin clock started when the offender left, so the first 90 seconds were served before play restarted.
Another VAR check occurred during the Sin Bin period, at which point the Sin Bin clock stopped.
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Rugby runs Stop Clock.

Referee will indicate 'time off', usually by whistling and pointing to the watch. At this point, the stadium clock, as well as broadcasting clocks are stopped, until 'time on' is given again. A good system, and works very well (although can lead to halves lasting 48-49mins, similarly to early games in this PL Season). This is usually when reviewing an incident or allowing for treatment. Setting the scrum etc. is done with 'time on'.

TMO Communication is broadcast, definitely a benefit.

Learning points, and also aspects that we can't reasonably apply to football imo.