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I was asked on Wednesday afternoon if I could do a game on on Saturday.

I said yes, but there as been no contact from the home club, plus on the website there is a different referees name against the match.

Do I just turn up ?

Has anyone any advice on this situation,


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Contact who asked you, by means of a phonecall. Get them to sort it out for you as opposed to the home club. :)


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Who asked you to do the game? If it was leaguer ref sec or the county appointment officer then yes you have to do the game. But you don't just turn up expecting the game to go on. I would contact the home team manager/secretary as late as it is now. You need a confirmation matey is the game still on kick off etc, reagdless whether you know that all. They need to know that you are the assigned referee, for all you know the ref sec forgot to inform them of the referee swap!

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Which league? This sounds like you are a late replacement for someone else. The person who updates the website may not be the same person who gave you the appointment. Alternatively they may be the same person but they have been eaten by honey bears before they could press update.

Some of the above may be true (referee appointment secretary speak).