Player fails to give his name


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I thought the same given the nature of the things Jimmy Saville is known for. Kind of sank my heart when I overheard parents of the boys team ask him what he got sent off for, he replied "telling the ref my name was jimmy saville" and the parents started laughing...

Of course I didn't send him off for giving that name, but hey... kids.
how brilliant would it have been to walk up to those laughing parents and say, 'actually i sent him off for calling another lad a 'f@cking c@nt' ;)


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Factual. Only reporting what had been said. As long as you warn people first that what you are about to report is a little fruity in nature, if they ask what he said, tell 'em what little Jimmy said!!

Important note: I don't advise anyone take the above seriously, nor do I recommend swearing in front of parents even if it is hilarious yet factual.


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Hi please can you give me some advice ,what would happen if a player fails to give his name when you are about to give him a yellow card ,is it yellow for the foul and another yellow then red for not giving his name and report him to his county .
Procedure (if you don't have team sheets):

1) Isolate the player
2) Tell him that he will be cautioned for {}
3) Ask for his name
- If he does not want to give you his name, even after you ask him again / warn him. Then so be it. I certainly won't be chasing the captain, manager etc... for his name. I will report the matter to the County FA. The team will then face disciplinary action, and will also be forced to name the offending player. If they fail to do so, they will keep facing more disciplinary action. For example, a team was suspended in my area until they had named the offending player.

I sent a lad off the other week for calling the CAR a cheat. I call him over and tell him he's walking for that and produced the red card as could tell he was going to start saying more and make things worse for himself. I ask for his name three times, in his defence, I think he was shocked to get the red card therefore didnt respond. The coaches are going mad so walked him off the pitch and also wanted to have a quick word with the manager just to let him know what he said to get the red. So tell the manager what he said, and at the end also add can I have the lads name as he wont give it. The manager says "yeah its Joe Bloggs (he gave the real name), my son." My heart sank, and needless to say for the rest of the match he wasnt happy with any decision I made!
Some advise:
- If you are going to caution someone, tell them first you are going to caution them (it may calm them down if they think you may send them off). If you are sending them off, get the name etc... first, then tell them you are sending them off and for the reason - it prevents unnecessary dissent / refusal to give you his name.
- RE: Walking off the pitch with him - I would recommend not doing this. You are giving him a platform to keep giving you dissent and personally I think it looks unprofessional.
- RE: Having a quick word with the manage during the game - be careful here. I personally only speak to managers if they need to be warned about their personal behaviour. They don't need a running commentary. If they have any questions, ask for them to discuss these with you at your convenience, i.e. half-time / full-time


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Fa guidelines are to offer to speak to managers 15 minutes after the end of the match, not at half-time, if memory serves