Penalty or not?


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A attacking player was running diagonally in the box and he rounded the defender and could have shot but the defender kicked his back leg. The attacker stumbled but stayed on his feet but the ball had rolled away slightly due to his stumble so when he got back to the ball, it was too tight of angle to shoot and the defender had got goalside of him. I gave a penalty as I thought he would've been able to shoot had the defender not caught him and he lost the ball very shortly after.

Was it a penalty?

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I've given a couple similar to them before. Just because he didn't fall doesn't mean it wasn't a foul, the attacker was still put at a disadvantage due to the defender tripping him.


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Yup, a foul is a foul whether player falls over, or goes on to shoot. The decision you have is whether there is enough of an advantage for the attacker, or do you pull it for the penalty.

In this case you have called the pen, no advantage gained, fair call.

Was it a red for DOGSO? From what you have said, it sounds like the attacker was in the box and about to let fly - in which case a good shout for DOGSO>.


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I had a similar one in an U14s game a while back, early in the game and a player is on the goal touch-line, just inside the box, and a defender stupidly puts his foot straight through the attackers ankle. Attacker stumbled a bit and got to the ball, but had no advantage, and was surprised when I blew for the penalty. Defending team went mad, manager went nuts, but I gave it and stuck with it. There was definite contact and like others have said, somebody doesn't need to go down for a foul to have been committed.


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One of the DFK offences is 'kicks or attempts to kick'. You have said, he kicked him so it must be a penalty.