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Morning all,

I'm Ben, I'm an amateur ref, so nothing special I'm afraid, but I referee a couple of games a week.
I'm British, for my sins, but currently living, working and refereeing in a (majority) european expat league in Abu Dhabi.

I look forwards to anything I can gain from being a member of Refchat.

Thanks and all the best.


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Welcome to the rabble Ben

Always nice seeing members in other parts of the world, don't be shy to share your experiences with us

Enjoy the site


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Hi mate. Good to have another Ben around the place (also being a Ben myself).

I have found this site to be Ben friendly, never once having had the soppy Michael Jackson song snug to me.... :D


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Thanks Ross / Ben.

I've already dumped a thread about interpretation of the backpass rule in the the laws forum.
Expat leagues are great. Only had to book a couple of players and one of them was for calling the linesman a c***.

I'm starting to come to the conclusion that unless the players of one side or the other are swearing at you, you're probably not doing your job right.
Me: **BLOWS WHISTLE** "Offside!"
Player: Grabs the ball and goes for the quick throw in.
Me: **WHISTLE AGAIN**, "Ball back here, Offside!!"
Player: "What the f**k are you doing ref?!?"
Me: "Ummm... giving YOU a free kick..."
Player: "Urgh"