Misconduct Charge


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I already know the answer to this but just wanted to share todays events.

U13s game and it finished 13-0.

With about 20 minutes to go the midfield player of the team winning made a brilliant, strong fair tackle, taking the ball and is weight has maybe followed through on the other teams player (there was a bit of a size difference between the two with the tackler a bit bigger)

Nobody appealed for a free kick or worse and i gave a throw inn, the kid on the floor bounced and ran off the pitch towards his dad obviously in pain.

His dad is shouting abuse at me, disgraceful tackle, studs up but worse was the language and the threats that then followed from him, it lasted about 40 seconds and i took the manager to one side who was fantastic and did try to calm the parent down, the parent says again "il come on there and effing flatten him".

I told the manager that was final straw and we was to leave the area and if i heard one more peep from him then i would abandon the game.

Next time i looked over the parent had gone, after the game the manager again apologised and along with five other parents said how sorry they were and added they all didn't think it was a foul.

So the question is, what do i do next about the parent, do i have to fill misconduct charge in on Whole Game System ?

Thanks for reading and advice where i could/should have done things differently.
With my limited experience I would say yes, you have instructed a parent to leave due to misconduct so add a misconduct report on the WGS. I sent a parent off 2 weeks ago and a coach today and both have been added to the match report as misconduct. Presumably, the FA feed this back to the relevant county FA's or the county FA's get an automatic report of any misconduct and then fine the club accordingly?


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Yes the club get a report of any incidents and have four options to plead.

Thats what was putting me off reporting it, i know the club will get a fine and its hard enough financially in kids football.