Match Ball fiasco

Ok so an UI3s game yesterday and the game is ten minutes or so in when green manager starts complaining the match ball is a size 5, when the game stopped i had a look at the ball and it had no actual size on it (unusual that) so when we restarted.

The next time the ball goes out of play the manager throws a different ball on, clearly a size 4 which is correct at this age group but it wasn't the best ball and then the other team start complaining that its only a training ball.

We get through to half time but the manager who wanted to play with the "bigger ball" puts the bigger ball back on and gets rid of the other teams size 4.

It was all a bit of a farce really, i explained that the competition rules state that we play with a size 4 ball, if both teams were happy playing with the 5 i had no issue but if one team didn't accept it then we had to go with the correct size match ball.

Big balls manager wasn't happy at all.

Anyone ever had similar situation and was i right in my decision to play with the size four ball ?


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Usually the competition rules state that the home team should supply a certain number of balls and what size those balls should be.
So I would be more concerned that both teams, more so the home team, only had 1 ball.
Yes that seemed to be the case, think the team with the size four balls had more but the same ball.

There was no home or away side as such as games at a neutral venue but understand one team is officially home team.
2 football teams wait all week to play and between them they cant even supply a suitable ball, and, as ever, the ref gets the brunt of it!!!

I think you did right/sensible thing, and end result for me would be same, we weigh up options and if both are ok with the better 5, we use that, failing that, we go with the regulation scabby 4

quick note, was there any other games on next park or so and it might have been an option to ask to borrow?? least then you have kind of been proactive and at least suggested something.

I think the moment it was clear there was a problem, and I mean, to extent they are falling out over it, I would get both coaches in and make it clear its this ball or that ball, choose now, or, seeing as neither ball is factually suitable, the games off and the kids loose out.

I also throw in the line "and I have been paid already so personally am fine with whatever you choose to do"

and James is right as well, just report the facts to relevant body and let them deal with it.