Keeper handling a drop ball


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Instruction I had when this Law was amended was that it was done because it had happened on a number of occasions where the ball had been dropped in a non-contested DB and the player kicked it toward the other goalkeeper, but... it went straight into the goal instead. The reasoning behind it was to force the player to take at least two touches on the ball. So a player can get the drop ball, dribble once or twice then kick it into the goal and that's fine. That's a goal. Otherwise, it's a goal kick or corner kick (depending on which goal the ball was kicked into) if it's kicked in the goal with the first touch.


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It doesn't need amending. It does precisely what the law-makers want it to do. Nothing direct, but anything after that is just fine and acceptable.

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So, you drop the ball at a players feet who has said he will kick it back to the keeper. He takes a little sideways touch, kicks it towards the keeper who misses it and it goes in the goal. You have to give the goal. What's the point ?


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Same issue as when I throw it to a team-mate to boot back to the GK to return the ball to him after it was kicked out due to an injury. Goes in the net.