Is this Offside or not?


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At still 5 yards away, I don't think IFAB intends that to be a offense. The attacker wants to interfere with an opponent, but did not get close enough to actually challenge for the ball. He cannot attempt to play a ball form 5 yards away--attempt means an actual attempt at the ball, not trying to get closer to ball. Similarly, I don't think this is close to an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball--with the attacker 5 yards away, the GK could easily have kicked the ball, but made a poor decision to pick up the ball. As I picture the play, the R was correct to penalize the GK and not the OS. (As a former GK, I'm not fond of this, but I think this is what IFAB wants today.)
Thanks. I see your points and I feel much better about the call now. It's been bothering me. Thanks again.